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Accessory Items Price

 Sensi Sandals- Colors -Sizes 5-10 SALE  
 Speedo Sport Sandals-  
 Speedo Fins  
 Tyr Fins  
 Silicone Caps  
 Latex Caps  
 Team Logo Caps  
 Lycra Caps  
 Tyr Paddles  
 Speedo Paddles  
 Stingray Paddles  
 Speedo Drag Suit- Sizes 26-38  
Polyester Training Suits  
 Mesh Bags  
 Speedo Towels  
Body Glide  
 UltraSwim Conditioner/Shampoo  
 UltraSwim Soap  
 Malibu Shampoo  
 Malibu Conditioner  
 Malibu Lotion  
 Malibu Essentials  
 Swimmers Time Log  
 Sprint Log  
 Speedo Key Chains  
 Speedo Goggle Straps  
 Speedo Anti-Fog Drops  
 Speedo Earplugs  
 Guard Whistles  
        Additional items and apparel   

     are available, including:

                   Freestyle Shark Watches  
                  TYR Watches  
                 Speedo Watches  
Team Prices Available on the Following:

Swimwear - Speedo and Tyr

Team Caps with Custom Imprinting

We also stock quantities of the following team products:


 Female Guard ProBack  call
 Male Guard  call
 Female Guard 2-Piece  call

If you don't see a particular item listed here, we can special-order it and have it shipped immediately.

Please call for pricing and estimated delivery times!


we accept Visa and MasterCard


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